Bye Felicia: Who is this Felicia?

Viral Social Media Trends!

It originated from the hit movie Friday. There is a character Felicia(a local crack head ) would come by and constantly ask Craig for everything he had. The trend has formulated into a show Bye Felicia on VH1 and now it is trending online as a way to say "See you later" or "Good bye" the kids now say Bye Felicia.
  • Another rap accuser molested by Bill Cosby? #ByeFeliciaRashad
  • Every time I hear NeNe or Porsha on DishNation yell "Bye Felicia!", I then giggle to myself because I think it's so funny.
  • Who is Felicia, and why do you keep saying "Bye" to her?
  • *Mom acting all confident* Mom:"Bye Gina" Me: Mom it's "Bye Felicia".
  • WendyWilliams Aaliyah movie, #ByeFelicia.
  • You say Bye to Felicia, and never say anything to me? #ByeFelicia
  • It's super cold outside, Let this weather try me. #Byefelicia
  • You only talk to me when you want something girl, bye Felicia 
  • I just talked on the phone to my 5-year-old niece, and she ended the conversation by saying "BYE, FELICIA!" They grow up so fast. 
  • Too bad you're all gonna be fake when it comes to parties and spending money this weekend  
  • Oh Lucious thought Barack was your homeboy?..... Bye Felicia #EmpireFox #FoxOnFox
  • My Dad yells at me to the point that I cry for an hour then when I walk downstairs he suddenly wants to talk to me BYE FELICIA
  • I used to work with Chloe and she's just a knob with a rich Daddy. Wish you would just "Bye Felicia" her.
  • Dear Felicias of the world: About how many times per day does someone tell you "Bye Felicia"?