EggPlantFriday: Celebrity Edition Open For Business

The most provocative, sexual and rated PG trend on social media is called "Eggplant Friday". The hashtag consist of men who are well endowed who take selfies of their bulges while wearing sweatpants revealing the shape of an eggplant. Have you checked out the hashtag out on Instagram? #EggPlantFriday is completely disappeared. It's Trending here, don't apply if you're not qualified.

While you might not be able to enjoy Eggplantfriday in a public space. It is highly suggested that you go someplace private, just in case you have a reaction to the eggplants shown here. This trend might provide an answer to the question as to why your boyfriend wears jogging pants so very often. Unless it is EggplantFriday and you are apart of the growing trend. It's annoying how some people online can't handle twerking (for guys to watch) on social media now it's Eggplantfriday (for the ladies). If some men want to see Thots online every week, then women should be able enjoy a lustful day as well. They took all the fun out of being a cyber creep! Whoever compiled all the Eggplantfriday pics for ready reference, is credited for it being a viral social media trend. I'm angry and intrigued that is why we gather here today. Soon I'll create another blog called .#AnonymousEggplant yessssssssss lorrrrdddd !!!!!! or Certified Eggplantfriday where we have to certify that it's your own eggplant and not someone else's !!!!You all have to stop shaving your pubes so viewer know that you are of age to participate in the Eggplantfriday movement. My friends mom asked "what's Eggplant Friday?" I was like honey, I have no idea. The best day ever! After The Game and Chris Brown got in on Eggplant Friday, .....they're toting some major heat! . Oh My, Ladies! lock yourself in a room and pleasure yourself on this here "EGGPLANT Friday".

I had to explain to my dad tonight what boujee means and what the eggplant emoji signifies. How's your Friday. Eggplant stir-fry, a bottle of wine, a candle, a fresh new book, and a quiet house. I love my Friday nights to myself. How do you prepare for Eggplant Friday when it's only Tuesday? When she tweeted that she supports eggplant friday not knowing it's a hashtag about big dicks. Since it's grey sweats season can we bring back EggplantFriday or no? My friend told me to ask.