The Apple Watch Flop

Viral Social Media Trends!

Considering investing in an Apple Watch? A couple of things you need to know before rushing out and getting one. It'll be another option for the government to track you. Why spend $10,000 on a watch when you could get 50,000 chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds. The Apple watch will not match the success of the iPod or iPhone. Apple wants to make smart watches mainstream. That will take more time. As bad as my eyes are, I'm going to need the Flavor Flav edition of the AppleWatch.

The most expensive watch will cost $17,000. Some of the funniest reactions to the apple watch launch are on social media. The watch won’t store that many songs and photos though, are you still waiting for Apple's convincing reason why people would want to spend $17,000 on a smart watch. I wonder how long it will take for the watch to be banned in classrooms. And how long the "I was checking the time!" Excuse will last? I want the apple watch to succeed as much as Steve Ballmer assumed the iPhone was going to fail. The apple watch (on men) is going to be a bit like the fanny pack: functional- yes, but you are going to look like a total dork with it on.

Well, some people can feel storms coming in their bones; Dark Sky's Apple Watch app will let you feel it that storm on your wrist. Is the Apple Watch's 18 hour battery life enough? Has anyone done the math on the total number of apple watch accessory SKUs? The watch seems cool but I'm waiting for the Apple velcro wallet. I think I will give the new #AppleWatch a miss. I really can't see the point but I can see the profit! We’re excited to be developing an app for apple watch to enhance everyone's travel experience. We can’t wait to share more with you soon! viral social media trends
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