TMZ Sucks!

Viral Social Media Trends!

A movement has begun. Responsible, tasteful reporting especially to announce, death is the cause. I'm good everybody. It seem like celebrities wake up in the morning asking for prayers and love. <--- Dear asshole media! Stop trying to kill people for ratings! Just for me and the sake of privacy of Miley Cyrus, we should trend because of their rudeness and lack of respect to our idols. We should create a crash-course for making a good layout for celebrities, because honestly, theirs suck. But on the other end, I feel bad for people behind a computer screen thinking that celebrities don't have a soul or feelings, you suck and you are only cowards. The saddest part is people fail to remember that celebrities are artists who have feelings and are just as human as you are. I love it when, celebrities read mean tweets, those videos never fail to makes me laugh. 

TMZ creates awkward moments that some celebrities don't know how to pronounce other celebrities names when on camera. Sometimes we fail to realize that when we give preference to quotes and sayings by so called celebrities and role.  Some Celebrities Swing the Other way... And Some try to Keep it Quiet, but most fail at keeping it a secret!  All of these celebrities downing their blackness fail to realize that when they're dead their accomplishments will only matter in February.  How celebrities can overcome their fears of rejection: Some celebrities are afraid to fail in their careers and that's where TMZ comes in, everything they report on is a viral social media trend.

Rush so desperate for relevancy, he resorts to audio of TMZ caller! Another female he didn't call demean? Seeing a pattern? "If only that TMZ reporter had phrased his question right Hillary would have totally spilled all the email beans. " according to Huffpost

When TMZ is the beacon of know something's wrong. kills it on media conflict of interest. If you have a clean image, so don't stress about what TMZ said. TMZ is known for twisting people's words and events. A great place to tell the world what you’re thinking about TMZ you'll get a chance to do it

Viral Social Media Trends!