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What is mobile photography? mobile+photography. Using a mobile device to take pictures, and now it's a viral social media trend. Regardless of how you feel about mobile photography, it has forever and irreversibly changed the landscape of picture taking and sharing which is a giant leap for mobile phones when it comes to photography! DSLR quality pics ...Unbelievable but true!!! My mobile photography isn't good because I know some tips and tricks about the iPhone, it's because I have over 20 years of "seeing" behind me. Patience is the cause of freedom of suffering. With mobile photography you can now work from home, enter into photography contests online. The best place to successfully execute a photography job search is at PhotographyJobsOnline they are the most popular photography business online, from freelance photography to journalism jobs online they also provide you with photography jobs online reviews in connection with the best photography schools online.

That moment when you can't find a pic on your phone because all you have are pics with ugly people. Thou shalt not keep naked pics of other people on your phone without your significant others knowledge. I never know what to do when someone asks if I'd like to see their baby pics...I don't have any of me on my phone to share. Who needs a boyfriend when you have 9846 pics of one direction saved on your phone that are viral social media trends. At times I am constantly looking through phone pics and found that one time that I made a collage of our secret bathroom selfies. Don't be alarmed my phone is filled with 2% selfies and 98% troll/reaction pics. Taking selfies can become a daily habit for the typical millennial but capturing that perfect shot.

What is the appropriate amount of time to remove ex's pics from your social media? Take pics of you and your exes off of your social media accounts. Nobody you date in the future wants to see them! It's so cute how all the girls who don't like me follow me on all my social media accounts, watch all my snaps, fav/RT me & like all my pics. Social media will have some people thinking you have fans. People just want to see your pics. Lets be real. Men and women. Obama is officially on social media — get ready for auto correct hilarity, pics of Bo, and memes. People who rag on girls for wearing crops tops, yet post all their bikini pics all over social media..uhh makes sense. 

If I was famous I'd have the social media presence of Sam Smith and post amazing pics of myself every few minutes. I wish I knew the reason why pics are always shared on social media by westerners of women in skirts in 1970's Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. When couples that are all over social media 24/7 break up its super awkward because they just stop posting pics and then everyone is in their business. I'd rather see my social media filled with 100s of grad pics rather than it being people posting pics at the bar all the time. I have an album on my phone dedicated to when people post ugly pics of their friends on social media. Social media daily as follows - pics of your dog, pics of your kid no one likes, pics of Billy drunk, pics of your dinner. Rinse & Repeat. Social media doesn't determine relationships. You don't have to be in each others bios or have pics to prove that you follow each other. If you're a true 21st century American wave your hands up high and pull out your mobile devices to snap some pics. I have no WIFI until tomorrow so have to be careful with my mobile data usage, will post more pics tomorrow!

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