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Intelligent people have the ability to enhance the intelligence of those in their social circle. Based on your internet activity they can predict and even influence the kind of people who will comprise your social circle. I recently discovered the joys of widening your social circle and making room for new people. Be a mental health ambassador in your family & social circle by encouraging people to talk about emotions & struggles. My social circle is so small, because even though I have lots of followers, there are only a few of them that I actually know in real life. I hate the social circle hype, all they do is talk about themselves, like they're Kardashians!

My younger cousin thinks that going to the prom is nice because it's the one day where you get to look glamorous regardless of who you are and what social circle you come from. We stunt about everything on social media. Money, not trusting people, having a small circle, having knowledge of something. People say about the echo chamber nature of social media like it's necessarily a bad thing, it's the same as your meat space social circle. I can't leave the circle of hell called twitter because I still haven't found a real world social group that wants to talk all day.

Expand your circle. Make marketing your number one priority and improve your business!! Intelligent people have the ability to enhance the intelligence of those in their social circle. I never really expand my social circle like that, I'm with on a daily/weekly but I think I'm getting signs that I should start, but if either of my dream professions take off, people in your social circle are going to find out what I'm really like. A bit worried about the inference going around that if you are left wing & have a left wing social circle you don't live in the real world. Well, I'd like to think of it this way. God decided to shrink my social circle to give me time for myself.

I used to be so scared to branch out of my social circle to show others my weirdness. Now I can't look back, life is much better this way. Just a thought.....ask yourself this one question how many people are in your social circle that fit. I'm not anti social, I'm anti lames in my circle, I was the most social person among my circle and now I don't have anyone to go out with. Thanks phone. Maturity splits up the social circle eventually. Don't become a viral social media trend. The best advice is the faster the speed of your internet, lesser the number of people in your social circle.
viral social media trend
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