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Although it's not mentioned personally or on social media, you never really know the battles an individual is currently fighting. Fighting ISIS in America. Reports show that the US is trying to curb the group's social influence. I will keep on writing, with blogs about politics & other topics. We need to build up social media for battles to come. Never stop fighting. It seems that in 2015 we have this outrage culture of social justice warriors fighting for complete and total political correctness.
All Scottish leaders knackered. But Nicola still fighting for social justice, while others wearily parroting party lines.
Hating and fighting over social media is easy what's really hard is ignoring the hate and rising above. Be the better person. If you think anything related to social media is fighting racism, you are part of the problem. Clap for yourself. I've never seen or heard a gay person fighting for any social injustices other than gay rights. One thing I don't is fighting for social justice perceived as a bad thing. Some people tweet about social injustice, I based my future career off fighting it. A lot of expert advise on social media. Fighting is the only sport where everybody thinks they can do it better than the 2 best in the world. While we are fighting to survive, your biggest concern is whether a black life is worth your respect based on social capital.

I hate it when someone I know was fighting depression suddenly disappears from social media. Hope you're well. The same folks who say they are fighting racism & sexism on TV, in papers & in social media are using racism & sexism against others. To the people that are constantly on the front line fighting for social justice I salute you. Please take care of yourselves. Another social media habit-stop sharing ratchet, fighting, turnt up, ignorant, negative videos that display black folk in a savage manner. Regardless of years of schooling, college degrees, social and financial status, many are still but children fighting in the sandbox.

Viral Social Media Trend
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