There's An App For That!

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Our parents taught us to never get into a car with strangers. Now, there's an app for that called Uber. Palestinian food? There's an app for that too.  I wish there was an app like Grindr but for straight/all gendered people (and no not Tinder as I don't use facebook. If there was a Grindr-like app for Swingers, would you use it?

I can now delete the Facebook app because I only use it for the smash group rip. For blind folk who use Windows 8.1, the free facebook app is accessible. You can get that app from the store. It's free.
The use of the Facebook app is for keeping family away from my Twitter app. Or perhaps a better question is, what app do you Android folks use for Twitter that you like? I'm kinda surprised at how many people actually use the official Twitter app. I highly recommend PlumeApp for Android or Tweetbot for iOS! But only when you use Twitter for good sources its actually a nice app.

Apps will now ask for permission when you try to use a feature, not when you download an app from Google Play. Dear Google, after convincing me to use the G-mail android app for my non-Google email, you introduce inbox and eliminate other email support. So excited for the new Google Photos app. Full resolution upload. Still going to use OneDrive but at least now I have more options.

I retweet things from Twitter as for Instagram I don't know how to regram the app I use let's me download & share. I really gotta lay off these selfies. That's what Instagram is for! However.. I don't use that crummy app anymore. I use this app mostly to share my photography, but I gotta say I'm super grateful for the ability to use filters, on my ugly days.

I don't even use Snapchat that app was nothing but trouble for me lol but thanks. Can someone please share why I should get Snapchat? I really can't justify why I should get this app. What do you use it for? I'm curious.

If you don't use the Airbnb app yet then I suggest you do. We found a great apartment for our stay in Edinburgh through it. Very useful. The airbnb iPhone app is so beautiful, it makes me wish I had a reason to travel every week using Airbnb. Every app should look this good:

I had to delete so many apps during concerts because my phone kept running out of storage. Anyone else keep getting 'storage almost full' on there iPhone? I've deleted so many apps, can't get it to go away. I'm excited to review apps for all companies! I have a passion for my fellow fierce young people making change!