Relationships and Social Media

viral social media trend

Social media affects relationships only if you allow it! If you have love and respect for yourself as well as your partner there should be no issues! My closest friends live in Japan while I'm here in New York. If online gaming wasn't a thing, Facebook is whats keeping our friendship strong. If there are issues they probably existed long before social media. I think social media affects most relationships by always being on social media instead of talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend face to face and not spending time with them. If you really value your relationship you will never share it on social media.

That's why this world is so messed up, everything ends up being a viral social media trend! People rely on social media for everything! Relationships are suppose to be solid and sacred! Years ago we never had any of this social media stuff and people were more normal then! I believe it's a gateway to cheating. It is what you make of it. I limit my "friends" to people I know and trust and don't get into any drama. That way, it only helps me keep in better touch with people I don't see often and it doesn't cause stress. If no one had the chance of just messaging you. They'd probably never know you. I know it's a lot of ways ex's can try to be slick to you. It does stir up insecurities and trust issues even if you don't reply your partner probably still thinks your cheating. The real problem is having an iPhone or android phone to much easy access to be distracted in life.

Twitter is fun. It isn't about relationships. Facebook is different. It is supposed to be about friends and family. The problem is that there are people who will be offended if you don't friend them. Also, you may not want your friends or family see some of the things you post. Or they may be offended by some of the things you post. So relationships are affected by it. Some people think that they can delete you from their life simply by deleting you from their social media page(s). From the same respect, some people who have something to hide or are embarrassed by the manner in which you express yourself on social media pages, think they can delete you from their social media world, yet then still remain friends with you in real life. Too many people confuse or intertwine social media with their real life. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Social media can and has created problems, a lot of interpretations can be made over harmless posts/photos. Definitely a big step to overcome in a relationship but hey it's 2015, we deal with it. Social Media is all about gossip. Gossip leads to rumors. Rumors lead to distrust among you and your partner. It is another tool that paves the path to the downfall of relationships. There has to be love and trust that transcends the effects of social media. But sadly that is rare these days.
viral social media trend
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