Social Media: Social Responsibility

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Have you been unnecessarily hateful. Think about YOUR social responsibility and how you conduct yourself online. Social responsibility is important to Millennials. They pay attention to your company's values and actions, read labels. I cannot stand rude people, omg have you no sense of social responsibility. However, there are issues such as business ethics and social responsibility, which rarely are discussed, I am concerned. Do you know your responsibility? Know that online social media is not a joke? Know about intelligent interference of PC ? modeling effective social media and teaching online responsibility are needed as opposed to fear and avoidance. I love how most older people automatically assume you're on Facebook when you're online because it's the only social network they know. Twitter is an online social networking service intended for people who are 14+. If you want to goof around, go down to the playground.

Don't act like one of those bunch of 13 year old's projecting your social anxieties and past issues on people online. Grow up it's pathetic. I'm sorry, your social movement decrying your inability to centrally make fun of fat people online isn't going to get much traction with me. Clearly this is the new thing with online publications. Let's rattle people on social media and get clicks!
Social networks act as a wall for people to hide behind.. Straight up if you wouldn't say it to someone's face don't say it to them online. Even before social media half my life online was spent trying to make sure people don't hate me who, in fact, don't know who I am. Anything I can put online. I can really do.. or I really got. people gotta stop doing it for social media like real life isn’t happening. Social Media interactivity, most people online are on social media and you need to take your business to people to do business with them.

Sometimes, social media is great. Other times, I want to beat myself over the head with a frying pan when reading what people put online. Social media has become so prevalent these days that people say more online than in person and think it carries the same weight. There should be a class on social media etiquette so people know what they should and should not speak about online. Don't compare your life with other people's lives on social media. People only post the highlights of their lives online. Why can't we find love without social media. Meeting people online is dumb it should done naturally not with the help of technology. I prefer meeting people in person rather than meeting people online via social media. It's just more interesting to me. People aren't too social because they are used to being social only online... They have no social skill. And that is what I call a lame. Social media is kinda the the biggest thing ever, guys. The world beyond the screen is amazing, and so are it's people, so how are you spending you're time online?