Twitter Rant

Viral social media trend

I'm on Twitter because Facebook is so full of people I know and nobody is on tumblr, ranting in less than 150 characters is good for my soul. I thought my exam question on political economy was on twitter...started ranting on why we need to dismantle capitalism. It’s so funny people on twitter ranting politics. Everyone who is someone rants on Twitter and, Jabar Gaffney Twitter rant, Chris Brown's infamous Twitter rant, Kanye West had an epic Twitter rant, Courtney Love had a Twitter rant, the Joey Barton Twitter rant, Cher Twitter rant, to even Chyna had a twitter rant and Dion Sanders had a Twitter rant as well. I’ve never changed my mind. No one has ever changed their mind. They just make jokes. Getting to know people isn't how it used to be anymore. Because you already know almost everything through their social media. What's left to talk about? When you talk to somebody who is not on social media you really don't have any problems. A 2012 survey by InternBridge found that 94% of young careerists will talk about their employers on social media. It's always funny to me when people talk about social media like it has a real impact on their life. Whatever we talk is between us not your friends and social media just to turn it into a viral social media trend!!!!

I feel like ranting on twitter, but I better not. I deactivated my twitter for 3 hours then I realized this is where I rant, I tried ranting on but that didn't work I am back. The only thing on twitter is people ranting about the game. I'm not a twitter mob and I'm not ranting. I'm a scientist on twitter.  I expect much better from people. I'm done ranting, but black twitter, if you're reading this, just know that I hate 93% of you. I like how I always see people ranting about twitter fights but I never see any on my timeline. Learn to unfollow, people. Don't read twitter when tired and grumpy or you will end up ranting or snapping at someone. Ranting on twitter doesn't make you an activist, it just makes you annoying.

Honestly, I hate ranting on my Twitter but I do need to emphasize that just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you "own" them. Some silly fuck on twitter ranting that it makes her angry how much benefits an obese person may get, like really? write your feelings down in a letter, put it in a bottle and sail it into the sea! I don't care! just stop ranting on twitter please I beg you. If it's your first time I would like to say welcome to Twitter, this is the place for overly obvious subtweets and people ranting about the weather. I came across someone ranting about their own spouse. It is twitter, not a marriage counseling medium. You to all you knuckleheads for following me through all my ranting and raving.
viral social media trend
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