"Don't Forget To Pray For Me"- Pope Francis

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What an impressive event at MSG! Go in peace glorifying God in your life! The Pope said "Don't forget to Pray for Me" at Madison Square Garden and is the hottest new hashtag viral social media trend, on DiscoverDior. Ok, I just cried when Pope said "Don't forget to pray for me." Glad I decided to not think politically.  A gypsy came up to me and put a beautiful rose in my bag and then proceeded to pray for me then said "$3 for me, I give change". Okay, same. Reporter: So Mark, do you know Pope Francis, personally?" Me: "No, but I've known his Boss for years" Him: "Wait, the Pope has a boss?

So amazing to see him bring such joy to so many. God bless Pope Francis. What a guy, he prayed for the whole country and at the end he says and "please don't forget to pray for me". Now the domain name is at a bidding war for $50,000 just to start. I guess it's because the Pope explained why every Catholic must take a once in a lifetime journey to the Holy Land. Perhaps this was the moment Jon Boener realized his party was a disgrace to Christianity, he started to cry tears. While more photos of NYPD officers keeping everyone safe during his visit with electric scenes from Pope Francis' historic procession through Central Park. Right after that then Pope Francis was parading through the streets for Mass in Madison Square Garden.

Holy communion went underway inside MSG as the world's most famous arena lit up. Then he executed Mass is in English, Latin and Spanish, and 200 Eucharistic ministers passed 25K communion wafers. I really hope the Pope's social media coordinator has to explain to him why so many young Americans are referring to him as "daddy." I've seen multiple comments on social media on how atheists love the "liberal" Pope more and how the Pope is for everyone, not just Catholics. Unrelated, but can I go a whole week without another "ooh the pope is so progressive" thing on social media? siiiiigh. The kids now call him "The iPope" because Pope Francis appeared on social media to evangelize. Dominating all viral social media trends, ranking high in all platforms during his trip to the U.S. There are even Pope emojis as well as other social media reactions to the Papal visit to the United States. Finally, to sum it all up the Pope’s social media presence won over most millennials, something that's never been done before.


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