Don't Feed The Trolls

a viral social media trend
As a kid I thought trolls lived under bridges. As I get older I realize they actually live on social media now it's a viral social media trend. So many hateful comments today on social media. We need to rise above the trolls. Now is not a time to spread hatred or fear #Brussels. I learned quite a bit about dealing with trolls, uncovering your own biases, and communicating effectively online. Dealing with hateful trolls shouldn't be a full time job.

We'll talk about how to be brave on social media and not let internet trolls get you down. There are even paid trolls that focus on social media.The trolls attacking Miley on Twitter are the Donald Trumps of social media. I would be very careful about being on social media before seeing the movie Batman vs Superman, trolls will attempt to spoil things for you. One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone on social media is never ever respond to trolls just block them! Life's too short so many trolls on social media now that you can't even have a productive and inspiring convo anymore, glad I have PLATFORMS where I have my say.

Don't be a victim of anonymous trolls and cowards on social media who especially target girls and women. Dialogues with actual students that genuinely want to learn is radically different from combative/concern trolls on social media. Don't let trolls and goons hijack online space. Focus on issues. Check facts. Be fair. Ignore trolls. Sorry, trolls: soon you'll be required as an online commenter to use real names in an effort to prosecute 'trolls' who use fake online profiles.The best advice is to not feed the trolls.
Sadly it's not just the trolls, it's also the media that do their fair share of online bullying of celebrities! You should be wary and careful. Don't feed the trolls, they have sharp teeth. It's not your job to explain anything to people or police opinions. No matter how stupid you find them. Note to self.


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