What is ePersonation?

epersonation trend, epersonation laws
ePersonation is when someone impersonate you online. There is a bill going thru California legislature that would make it illegal to impersonate someone online, while it seems as if this town has NO sense of humor. The epersonation laws in California are about to get more serious as a viral social media trend, which will potentially impact social media as a whole.

On social media epersonation of celebrities is completely out of control, because while fans create fanpages to honor their favorite celebrities it's also a reason why epersonation laws are set into place to protect celebrities and their followers who aren't aware that most fanpages are not managed by actual celebrities and or their publicist. Real people are getting penalized for impersonating others online like a deputy who claimed to be Giorgio Armani on Facebook who was fired in Orlando Florida. In AZ a bill makes online impersonation a felony. When is an online review of your small business free speech, it is defamation when online users bash a company or product that they themselves have never used before.

Is epersonation considered to be free speech or deception. Electronic impersonation falls under the same category as Cyberbullying. Online threats are not a matter of free speech, but public safety and law. Online threats are not free speech we should all be mindful of online ethics, cyberhate and online abuse. Other than the EFF & their associates, every self styled "free speech advocate" I see online doesn't know what that is..so YES to dismantling the "free speech" excuse...subjecting one's self to online bullying isn't granting someone else a right! Here are rules for living in a democracy: Don't threaten politicians online. Have system that allows for some latitude in free speech. Respect due process for all, regardless of citizenship. Not just selfies, but all forms of individual online expression have revolutionary potential. It's only free speech if you put your name to it? ?..Trolls will face criminal prosecution for fake online profiles.