Getting Blocked On Social Media!

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Finding out you're blocked on social media is kinda funny. If you're blocked it's not because I'm scared looooool. It's because all you are is drama and only post unoriginal content on social media. Funny that you blocked me on social media, yet you still care about what's happening in my life. You're not truly broken up until you've blocked each other on all social media platforms. THAT'S when you know it's really over. I really love when I find out who has me blocked on social media. This girl has me blocked on Instagram and I've never spoken a word to her in my life.

Seeing parents get involved in their child's drama on social media makes me glad my dad blocked me. Discovered my son blocked me from his Instagram account a few months ago so I blocked him from the Mom's Taxi passenger list. #parenting. The amount of females that have me blocked on social media is actually pretty funny. If your ex has blocked you on all social media, you have won. I went on a date with someone that wore flip flops and afterwards I blocked them on all social media, lol am I petty or what! But it's okay when you blocked my number, blocked me on Instagram, and totally ignored my wave, are🤔you mad?

Being in China means Twitter and Facebook are blocked in most places. So fill me in, what have I missed over the last week on Social Media? Random Donald Trump or rants from Kanye West maybe. Also, just when you think you got all the problematic people in your life blocked on social media, another one pops up. Being blocked on social media has got to be one of the most satisfying things. What do you do when you really need to tell your friend something funny but his psycho girlfriend blocked you on all his social media #askingforafriend.  Another viral social media trend hashtag #IWasBlockedFor not snapchatting someone back so he blocked me on all social media. I've blocked 7 accounts on Instagram since I got up 30 minutes ago. I'm in that mood today. On Instagram if you use a lot of hashtags you get a lot of likes and followers but if you use a lot of hashtags on Twitter you get blocked. Omgggggg if I’ve blocked your number and had to block you on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and now snapchat .. Wouldn’t you get it?!