Holy High Tech

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How social media is changing the Church. Is Jesus in your tweets? Snapchats? Facebook posts? Social media is changing the hierarchical nature of the Church. Why do people try and act super religious on social media when they go to church about once a year?🤔🤔If your Church wants to engage more with disabled people, consider engaging more with social media where disabled people have easy access. I've heard people say that they'd rather have a partner that goes to church, and praises GOD than to be blasted on social media for praise from followers. I've noticed this thing where people who do psychedelics a lot post weird spiritual advice on social media and none of it makes any sense.
viral social media trend

In an age of high tech gadgetry, does technology really hold a place in our modern Church? It's a viral social media trend high-tech Churches of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. Does your church tweet, post or Instagram during a service? God’s people should delight in meditation, the modern high-tech church has almost totally forgotten about this spiritual strengthening.You don't need high-tech gadgets to build the Church of Jesus Christ. A Bible and a preacher is all they had in the New Testament. The Church needs to be a high-touch (relational) culture in the midst of a high-tech world.
viral social media trend
I detest cool Churches.Give me that old-time religion; the fiery kind where they shout, sing, talk in in tongues, without high-tech stuff. However because of digital social media, the Church is becoming increasingly more interactive.That's a GOOD THING!
Extremists believe every hateful thing they see on the internet just to prove they are on another spiritual level via social media. People that try to act spiritual and down to earth on social media but in person are the most generic, materialistic, artificial people who piss me off.Spiritual warfare on social media is intense because people are always sharing their true thoughts, consciously and subconsciously.You have to possess a spiritual filter to interact on any social media outlet. If you don't it will be very easy to get pulled into nonsense.

Thankful for tech folks in our Church and all over the world supporting gospel proclamation today through technology and media.Talking about Millennials and the Church means talking about technology, creativity, and faith and work; basically, human expression. I have a proposal to setup the Scientology Church and to paint it and to add new technology to show new generation 3D.Why would we accept secular use of creative technology, media & high production values, and then criticize a church for using the same? Social Church will not be dependent on technology. It will have little structure, few barriers to
entry and will prioritize friendship.
Tonight, I'm grateful for technology! I LOVE the fact that I can be hours away from a church and still be able to watch the service!