Non Consenual Tagging

viral social media trend blogYou're taking my pictures and not even tagging me so I can see??? Wow, I feel so betrayed. For the follower who is tagging me in 9986866988885 tweets everyday, why don't I just send you my address so you can come stab me. I feel like I've muted half of Twitter today. You're entitled to say nasty things about my decision but on social media stop tagging me in it. Some people are horrible, but also aren't they boring? Is this really an exciting thing in their lives? Also, all those short/one shots they look so good, I'm just... *I love one shots* please tag me when you post them!

Yes, I've seen this small child or animal djing video already. I know, right? Crazy. Stop tagging me in it. So I decided to write a whole article about it. I am not the turn-up friend. Do not call me when you want a tag-a-long to the club or when assembling a squad for the night. Are you readers intrigued and frightened? If you ask for promotion and tag me with 30 other people, please don't expect anything. If you message me all the time asking for retweets and tag me in everything you post but then just LIKE my tagged tweets don't expect anything from me. I don't get people who insist on being retweeted anyway. If you're a good gamer and fun tweeter you shouldn't need to ask anyway! This is about our generation as a whole not anyone specific so don't tag me thinking this is about you.

When my name come up on Snapchat put some respect on it. Don't tag me if you are sending it to your story. Don't tweet about me and not tag me in it. Please, whenever you will post one of my videos. Please do put credit on it and it's okay if you wouldn't tag me. Just don't own it. I seriously love when people tag me in stuff like I know it's so little and dumb but it shows that it reminded them of me when they saw it. It makes me so glad that you all think of me when you see my chemical romance posts it's a viral social media trend! but please....don't tag me in anymore of those petty social media memes. I've been in too many situations where people have invited me to tag along with their squad and then abandon me when they all reunite.