The Blue Wine Trend

blue wine trend

The next trend in wine  Seriously. Like, REALLY blue: Bored of red, white and rose wine? A new variety is set to hit US shops in the near future. Blue wine is a viral social media trend and it's electrifying. Sitting at one of the best new cocktail bars in NYC & everyone but me is drinking beer or wine. It's making me NUTS. A new, bright blue wine called Gik achieves its color through pigment found in grape skin and indigo from the Isatis tinctoria plant. Electric blue wine might be coming to a glass near you. Blue wine may become your new Summer 2016 drink. Drinking wine makes me obsessed with Broadway!! I want to go to everything!! I may not be able to go to NYC but I may use and abuse Chicago! This new blue wine might change your life, because you'll never go back to red or white again. Created by a Spanish firm that seem to have ignored centuries of tradition to create a BRIGHT BLUE wine. It's a combination of red and white grapes that is a point of discussion among wine connoisseurs.

On a hot summer night drinking wine at an outdoor restaurant is a cool thing to do in the city of New York. Drinking wine alone in my NYC apartment because apparently i'm a sex and the city character now. The blue wine is only available in Spain. Have you ever found yourself in a broadway show drinking overpriced wine out of a plastic cup? cause I definitely recommend it. Is blue wine the next big drink trend?The colouring is from anthocyanin in grape skin, & indigo from plants. I cant wait for when I'm listening to smooth jazz & drinking wine in my NYC high rise overlooking the city lights on a cool summer night. Blue wine, the new rosé. I need to get hold of this! The blue wine trend my cause many in the U.S to accidentally drink Drano. Apparently blue wine is trending on Amsterdam terraces. I hope this trend does not make its way to the beer scene. If you are a single guy in NYC you should be at the atrium wine bar in NYC. 10 beautiful women drinking at the bar and not a man to be seen.