Web Designer vs Website Builder

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Web designers create custom designs for websites, and a Website builder is a standard format that is offered from domain registrars like godaddy.com and wix.com. Most web designers work with editors who collaborate in the website development process.

There's a fine line between Web-design from scratch vs. do-it-yourself website builders. Website builders are mainly used by startups, entrepreneurs and bloggers with little to no budget. Web designers who don't code are like print designers who have never done a print. It's practicing execution, which is what it's all about. It kind of blows my mind that design is so often both a role, and separated from all others. Font and typography are great multi functional resources for Web Designers: Fonts and typography are an important part of any website. There are tons of Web Design jobs available on an urgent basis. A lot of full time work from Home Opportunity.  Freelance Web Designers, Programmers, Graphic Designers, Videographers, Editors Copywriters for Digital Media Projects. I never promote social media web builders but my company DiscoverDior builds new websites in 24 hours. Great support too.

Web builders usually come with unlimited storage, transfer & email free site builder, free domain and a small monthly fee.This is the new future of web content creation and whether you like it or not, it’s fast changing. We love the rise in younger website builders. Now anyone can know first-hand just how difficult great web design can be.


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