Abusive Hashtags

Viral social media trend
When using Hashtags, use the symbol and not the word. If your posts condemning hate are full of hate, they're still hateful despite the hashtags you give them.  have always been a viral social media trend and is a popular feature on social media. One Hashtag can create an internet rumor that YOU started and then perpetuated by your followers can be very dangerous. I always use Hashtags to target certain celebs to amplify my message, especially on Instagram since we want our photos to get exposure …don't think it's a moral panic, but interaction. Introverts should stop using hashtags. That's appropriating extrovert internet culture. I've noticed that most people over 30 year old will post a picture on Instagram with 20 hashtags thinking they've got their social media strategy on point, older people on Twitter, especially conservatives, use so many hashtags, it makes them look even worse. I honestly want to laugh so hard at the amount of hashtags people use. Bro, you don't need to hashtag each word.

It kills me to see such division between black and white girls on Twitter :( always feuding over hashtags, arguing, competing, I hate it. Use hashtags in tweets to place my content in front of a larger audience, but be careful - keep them on point. I use #DiscoverDior for branding purposes, use trending Hashtags to reach new people!!!. Make sure you're using the hashtags when you're tweeting. Without question, one of the saddest Hashtags I think I've ever seen on Twitter is #LatinosforTrump.  Using Hashtags like guarantees spastic lefties in your mentions. Most of these sophomoric Hillary Hashtags add votes to her column. No one wants to be with these people politically. I love the #CrookedHillary Hashtag, I find it super funny after Donald Trump gave her that name during the Presidential debate. However these political hashtags are really lame. Israelis work each day on curing diseases and inventing things. Palestinians post Nazi memes on Twitter and think of anti Israel hashtags.  You're part of the problem if you're tending hateful Hashtags. So stop that and trend something that's spreading love.

I try and get involved in as many chats as I can, I love them! Using the right hashtags is good as well. I'm so tired of Hashtags and educating the hateful and never being allowed to forget. It must be so nice to just... be. Some Hashtags tend to just turn into arguments with angry trolls. If you use 10+ hashtags on Instagram that's just embarrassing. I don't know how people have time to make all those Hashtags on there Instagram photo. While I'm here still trying to find a caption. But on Twitter the rule is to use Hashtags to get more retweets no more than three. So what the heck is going on with Instagram then, with it's 300 hashtags?! Drives me crazy. Can't use it anymore! I’ve muted the relevant Hashtags but some people are still using them. Next up, muting people. Because they make these extremely vague and malleable Hashtags but get mad when people join in. Truly I don't get when people post a pic and leave Hashtags to get likes on their personal page and then delete the Hashtags an hour later. I see millions of Twitter revolutionists. Someone needs to break it to them, tweets, Hashtags and abusing random people will take them nowhere. Those who use Hashtags for important past events to promote their businesses should realize this is in bad taste and in return your account will receive negative publicity! It certainly puts you off these businesses with this shotgun approach and multiple Hashtags.

Thank God for social media. We are the new news and the new truth detectors. The local Media can no longer go unchallenged. Those digital influencers using branded Hashtags on Snapchat....you know they're not searchable yet right? People who keep supporting different brands on social media by promoting their Hashtags. What do they get in return? Businesses who use over 30 Hashtags (mostly irrelevant to their business as well) in a Facebook post need to stop. The best way to stop fake Hashtags/trends is to stop talking about them and to stop using them. Using it only promotes them on Twitter! It's the best, you can reach so many people through chats and Hashtags. I'm on it every day at #DiscoverDior. Hashtags and mentions are your best mates. Keep descriptions condensed. Use Hashtags to get your posts noticed.