Snapchat VS. Instagram (InstagramStories)

instagramstories a viral social media trend
InstagramStories will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android. I'm literally so torn between Instagram and Snapchat like which one do I use. Insta's new feature InstagramStories might seem familiar, because it's basically Snapchat: Now it's a viral social media trend. The only problem with InstagramStories is the people whose photos I want to follow vs. stories are 2 very different groups of people. Who's complaining about insta copying snap?... not one person has complained about apple copying android. I really don't know how to feel about InstagramStories. Instagram finally figured out how to get people to use the camera functionality within the app.  Just tested out InstagramStories and I don't know man. I could see this being big. It definitely exposes your videos/stories to a way bigger audience.

I feel like Instagram should worry about fixing their timelines back to chronological order before copying Snapchat to be better. All I wanted was for Instagram to get rid of the algorithm. Instead I got InstagramStories. Instagram, since you wanna take ideas from other social media apps please take the "Follows You" sign from Twitter. I just got a chance to use InstagramStories ... I feel like I didn't want to. It's like going to Burger King for a BigMac... Not the same! I finally understand why Android users lose their minds when Apple adds old Android features to new iPhones. InstagramStories still make android user videos/pictures look awful. Hopefully now android user's stories won't be all pixelated. Instagram doesn't even give you a quick tutorial when you first use InstagramStories because they know you already know how to use snapchat. The most exciting thing about InstagramStories is if the competition will finally push Snapchat to fix their android app and its poor quality. We want to hear your ideas on how to use Instagramstories in new and innovative ways!