Are You A Part Of The MemeLife?

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Memes are actually affecting a US presidential election. This is truly the dankest timeline. What if memes are a biblical plague? The memes are colliding. The timelines are unstable, we're reaching a cosmic singularity nobody could've prepared for. 2017 has been erased. In the Online Content System, there are cool kids who post memes and mad nerds that @ them. This is their story. A green frog posted on a 10+ yr old imageboard has been labelled as a symbol of white supremacy by Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate. It's 2016 and US political campaigns are now addressing Internet memes. I cannot believe memes are actually affecting real-life politics. Donald Trump, being meme'd into the actual White House over a Clinton. What a time to be alive!
basket of deplorables
Hillary needs to be crystal clear about this to retain millennials: not all memes—or even meme frogs—are bad....ok but really Gavin memes are the most exciting thing to happen in 2016. Sorry, but if you didn't see the meme that states the universe loves you,  then I'm pretty sure it does not. The basket of deplorables emailing me. I've been called kike, Jew boy, etc. Not that it matters, you Trump anti-semites, but I'm episcopal.

When you suffer from mental illness and drugs and memes are the only things keeping you from killing yourself. Memes with Bill Clinton, Jay Z and Beyonce are hilarious viral social media trends. Funny "start of college semester" memes that are just too real. I'm always touched by how sensitive the Trump fans who make Holocaust memes are. Memes are about to successfully place Donald Trump into the White House. You couldn't make this up. Americans like Russia. This isn't the 1980s. It ain't Red Dawn. Anyone spreading Russia hate memes are paid stooges. Avoid! It's all bullshit mind control propaganda. Analyze Russia. The Russian people don't hate America. Globalists neocons do.

Stop freebooting my videos on your Facebook page, your memes are terrible and your brand as a whole is equally as terrible. The best thing about the iPhone 7 announcements are all the hilarious memes it is yielding. I mean it's kinda funny yeah, but that was "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away". Some say that memes are officially dead. no one ever tweet another meme. It isn't funny anymore....its ruined now....go home....memes are dope. make sure you get these political memes off before President of the United States Donald Trump makes them illegal!

MemeLife Blog By: Malkam Dior