Celebrity Tweets

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The power of a celebrity Tweet or Periscope has become a BIG thing. Celebrities have also started to copy paste Tweets. However it can backfire as well, like when Lena Dunham faced a backlash on Twitter after 'racist' tweet from five years ago resurfaced. Shoutout to Remy Ma for being the only celebrity to really take the time and tweet back to her people. You're the real MVP. Tweet every day with the confidence of a man with 34 followers shouting at a celebrity. I'm tired of seeing tweets along the lines of "*some random celebrity* looks better than Beyoncé" or "Beyoncé who?". Obviously Beyoncé is the standard that's why y'all keep comparing her to EVERYONE. She already won when her name is brought  up in every conversation.

Imagine if you called the wrong number and the person who answered was a celebrity. "Hello" "Mom?" "No. This is Morgan Freeman". You know that one tweet or tumblr post I don't know which where the person replaced every framed photo in their house with photos of a celebrity. It's funny. Everyone automatically becomes a stan whenever the celebrity is doing a tweet spree. Like when Dwyane Wade reacted to Donald Trump's offensive tweet about his cousin's murder. All these celebrity anti-suicide tweets are making me even more suicidal thanks.

I've been taking little tweet breaks because it's become ridiculous. The victim and celebrity culture (celebrictim? Victebrity?). Giving birth is tricky, how does a parent produce stupid humans who get excited when a celebrity account managed by an unknown fellow tweets them. I've successfully guessed who the bad celebrity was from all-generalities tweets, time to lock my head in a cupboard. I'm confused Amy Schumer is a big celebrity but on some of her tweets she has like no retweets and 10 likes, I find that so weird. Imagine if everyone took the side of humanity as quickly as we take the side of 'celebrity'. 1 joking tweet = insulting backlash. Another hypocritical self-absorbed celebrity who became rich thanks to a foolish audience. Equating followers with aptitude and inferring shouting on a text platform is what's wrong with the world.

Celebrity Tweets By: MalkamDior