Followers vs. Friends

Viral social media trends
Social media doesn't determine which friends are real or fake. Just because you follow me on Twitter does NOT mean you KNOW me. Girl: we're not friends anymore, she's a fake bitch I can't stand her anymore. Until I *see them together on social media*. Are you caught up in your fake social media world with your fake friends when you should be caring about your family. The size of your network (# of followers) has nothing to do with your willingness and ability to share valuable content. I have some faith in humanity because of the people I follow & who follow me on twitter. Another reason is because you feel alone. Internet and social media services gives you a fake feeling of being surrounded by friends. We also think, we get more happiness and respect while sharing information/updates about our life and surrounding to others. To be frank, there are so many ups and downs for this. Information overload is one of the main trouble we are facing. If you were the person you claim to be to your fake friends on social media and what would have faced me like a grown ass. Like it's just so annoying and repetitive to see the same people complaining about their fake ass friends on social media everyday.

Taylor Swift is the most followed person on Social Media with a total of +245 million combined followers!! Don't follow Food Porn on Twitter because you will be hungry all the time...just don't do it. Don't you love it when your friends go places and don't invite you, and you find out because of social media....totally not fake friends.. I'm a great follow on Twitter because I don't post too often or inundate you with sunglasses ads. @DiscoverDior, follow me I follow back.

Just because I follow you on IG doesn’t mean I want follow on Twitter you look good I don't want know what you're thinking about. Funny how fake and annoying some friends are on social media, like chill buddy you're not cool. I'll never understand why some people won't follow back on Twitter or Instagram because of their ego. I wouldn't want my friends on facebook to follow me on twitter because I find most of them extremely annoying. Remember before social media when you didn't have to fake who you were to have friends? Get back to that. Don't you just follow someone (someone you don't even like) on Twitter just because they followed you first?? Sometimes I think I only follow single people on Twitter because everyone seem to be lonely on my TL. Much love and thanks for the numerous RTs and likes and to all our followers! Thank you!!!