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You can help increase literacy rates around the world: Happy International Literacy Day, bookish friends! Take some time to learn the facts & raise awareness! Today we're championing literacy as a human right that belongs to every child! Join with us! It's amazing to see The Empire State Building will shine yellow lighting to celebrate.Thank you to all the teachers out there that make a difference. There's no such thing as a child who doesn't like to read, there are only kids who haven't found the right book. At first people keep telling me it's International Literacy Day. I'm beginning to think it's personal. Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation. Reading is accessing knowledge, writing is sharing it! Sadly, our public library system is laying off all of their library pages at the end of September. Reading is stealing a whole world. I mourn for the books that burned, but also for those who set them alight. For they will yearn to read those books whilst languishing in a prison cell! Don't underestimate the power of literacy.

Basic reading skills is one of the vital aspects in education. I'm so glad that our nation is moving forward on this. No country can really develop unless it's citizens are educated. Let the change begin. It's not as if people don't like to read, it's just that they haven't found the right books. As regard to availability of right books their easily at every place in libraries OR at reasonable price. That's what I tell people when they say they don't like books. Their is something (genre or sub-genre) for everyone. Happy International Literacy Day everyone! What are you reading? #InternationalLiteracyDay