National Beer Lovers Day Trend!

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As president, I will issue an executive order banning the sale of pumpkin beer in August. September 7 is National Beer Lovers Day, but we'd like to argue that Beer Lovers Day is every day! I can book a lot of things of my bucket list after this summer, but having a shower beer in NYC is the most impressive. Did you know it's National Beer Lovers Day?! Enjoy a cold one.... which do you prefer can, bottle, or draft? The more you drink this beer, the more hilarious it will get. Anyone know where to get this helium infused beer?  Grab your friends - grab some beer and indulge responsibly.

Prague has some of the world's best beer. Here's where to drink (and eat). Drinking beer in a sports bar in NYC w/ other soccer fans. Such a great feeling. Yes! They're re-opening Chumley's! Finally! One of my favorite places in NYC to eat and drink. Great steaks and beer selection. Hey Blogger world- Anyone in NYC got a tom drum we could borrow for the next 2 weeks or know anyone who might?? Payment in beer and chocolate.  I just realized Oktoberfest lines up with when I'm back in NYC, so everyone prepare to drink a lot of beer with me took two days off to go to DC and I'm currently drinking a beer in the nicest hotel shower I've ever seen could life get any better??.

Where should you drink in September? We recommend checking out "RiNo Oktoberfest" at RackhousePub, in Denver. I'll be happy when I can just chill on the beach in Miami, drink a cold beer and smoke my weed knowing I don't have to worry about anything. The new spot to drink craft beer in Miami is 305Brews.  305 Brews mixes beer, it's a trending grub spot. Also, If your in Miami looking to play giant jenga, beer pong and drink Mojitos on tap, Chefspike has got you covered!! Which road I'm traveling is still a mystery to me. So I'll just sit right here and have another beer in Mexico. Interested in drinking Colorado beer in our nation's capital? Go West Beer Fest. A 30ish man in a suit eating a sandwich and chugging a beer  in an otherwise-empty Cosi at 8pm in DC is one of the saddest things I've seen. Last night I drank about 9 cans of beer in various museums and public restrooms in Washington DC.

It's national beer lovers day? Everyday is something now, when did this happen?! When I was growing up, most Wednesdays were just Wednesdays! Beer lovers - did you know that you have your very own holiday? Today is National #BeerLoversDay. Cheers to you!