The Smartphone Serial Killer

death by smartphone
Murder is his motive for not calling you back. He seduces you by asking if you want to watch serial killer documentaries and chill? Then your phone blows up in your face. The impact decapitated most of his victims. Can you cut off the skin? Me: What? *holds up sandwich* the skin. Me: The crust?: yeah: No, and you sound like a serial killer. It's crazy how one person can change you from being sweet to a serial killer. It's not like if your phone exploding in your bag before you had a chance to disconnect.

It all started when someone's phone battery (not sure which kind yet) just exploded on a Delta flight 2557 right when it seemed like everyone's alright the idea popped into his head. If apple, not samsung, released a phone that exploded, wasn’t allowed on a plane, set fire to a car/house, it would be bigger news. If my Galaxy phone exploded and mortally wounded me, my last words would be "at least....I didn' Apple crap".

He called to respond to your post. You took the anonymous call. All you hear is whispers as it all begins to make sense. I hear ticking, just like the sound of a tapping pen. The tapping stops my phone explodes. I can't feel my face and my ear is on the floor. Why did this happen, was it a defect or joke. I fell to the floor with my Samsung Note.

I left my phone on all day and my battery got killed with all my notifications. It's all from this one person with no profile description. The last text said "I call you at 9pm". But my phone rang at 8pm. He said we met on Facebook through one of my other friends. His voice was deep with a nervous laughter at the end. I placed him on hold for a couple of seconds, then I returned to the sound of a Kanye West song. He said "I hope you die screaming" then my phone just explodes. Little did he know my phone was on speaker. It exploded on the couch, which burned through the floor. My neighbors came rushing and had opened the door. All their phones began ringing, the explosion killed us all.

 ~Would you pick up a phone and not call the police or get killed with a phone just to see who it is? If you receive a phone call stating that his best friend and ex lover had been injured, or even worse, killed. Are you trying to get me killed by texting me with someone else's phone will get the killer vexed~By receiving a call or text you'll never know who's next.