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technology overload
Take an electronic sabbath, a technology timeout, it is time to turn off the noise.....goodbye social media, news, followers and colleagues. So much life is missed out on nowadays with technology's sad but we're all part of the problem. It's a viral social media trend with apps in social media that drive me nuts, a robot or machine can manipulate lies and noise of some fans. Fingerprints set to point way to email and online security. Some say that touch technology will rescue consumers from password overload. 5 min of work, 20 min of social media, checking my emails, watching youtube, Netflix, 5 min of work, time to eat, tired. Technology has lowered the barrier for others to share their opinion about what we should be focusing on. It is opinion overload. Honestly. Relationships aren't worth the hype most of the time. No matter how great the pics for social media look. So many relationships are fake for social media, pretending to be happy and cute when you're miserable and cheating. I'm tired of social media. I'm tired of tv. Remember, social media is your hype man, not the main act.

I'm just tired of feeling like I have to have a screen in my face at all times. Nowadays it seems like people check each other's social media to see what their life update is. There are so many clown videos that just look so fake, if it weren't for social media none of these stupid clowns would be running around. Having huge number of "followers "on social media doesn't /no longer determines ones popularity or worth! Don't believe the hype. People who talk bad on cops are so clueless and dont appreciate what they do.. im sick of all the hate towards cops on social media. You won't find any of my successes online though.🤗What some of you all do is sit on social media and talk about other people. I'm so annoyed, like who made you so perfect? You have flaws, humble yourself. All you do is sit on social media and talk about people. I'm so annoyed, like who made you so perfect? You have flaws, humble yourself. People basing their relationships on buying each other as much as they can & posting it all over social media. I really hope there'll be a #twitterpurge so all the bots/fakers/spammers/fake RT's will just go POOF! I'm about to take a technology timeout and airplane mode my phone for a few days. My email hasn't worked all day due to a mapping incident. I am really, really annoyed about it. I'm so close to logging off of social media because I'm so tired of hearing about politics!!! People who try to hurt your feelings on social media are most likely lonely, angry, or unhappy with themselves. Think I need a timeout from technology. Taking a much needed timeout from technology. We are way too old not to spell out every word in a text message or on social media. If you're miserable with real life why act happy on social media.  A fake is when someone texts you everyday but refuses to post anything on social media with you out of embarrassment, that is low.

I want to delete all the social media apps off my phone for a week just to see how much more studying I'll be able to get done. Keep your logo and corporate identity consistent on all social media sites so that people will easily recognize youI notice a lot of people my age using social media to build themselves and their talent and it's so amazing. Keep pursuing your dream.🏾Social media is displaying so many fake materialistic relationships that people are forgetting what love is. Some people need to learn how to be more respectful with one another. Social Media got people so eager and willing to disrespect strangers. Why are all these celebrities having meltdowns over people tweeting them hate? Just stay off social media and focus. I'm tooting my horn! I am an in-demand coach and consultant helping people take their social media up a notch. Bam! I'm going to immerse myself in yoga, mediation, self care and get myself together. I love you all.


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