United States Of Anxiety- #ElectionNight16

Trump Election Night HQ
Anybody wanna come get in my time machine? Congratulations to everyone who voted their conscience. Sorry that this is what your conscience looks like. #ElectionNight hash tag a viral social media trend on election night 2016. "Hold On....Be Strong" -Outkast 1998 was on repeat in my mp3 player. There was tears at Clinton election headquarters. Supporters have been streaming out. Waiting on PA, NH, AZ. I did not vote for Hillary, but it's ironic and unfortunate that they chose to congregate under a glass ceiling. A sad night. 52 M for Trump, 51 M for Hillary,
103 M Voted, 146 M Registered MEANS
43 Million did not vote. They gave Trump the Presidency.

But how can someone be so sure that those 43 Million people supported Clinton, they might've boosted Trump's votes even more. Please excuse my sense of humor it's really the only way I can cope. History now conclusively proves that the Clintons killed the Democratic Party. Don't forget about Obama plus a whole host of adversaries!  Don't cry for them, they will burn. REMEMBER:  It's not over until it's over, don't count chickens yet! Trump wins, unfortunately they receive more liberal voters . It's a win / lose scenario. Give him a chance everyone ! Damn !! What damage can he do ? America is already messed up really bad....Who knows ? He may be best to happen to us. Why would Canada want to accept people with no loyalty who would turn on you if they don't get their way? But if you want to leave then Good luck making it in Canada. The next president of the United States. Donald J Trump. 🇺🇸 I am so proud right now. The look of shock on the medias face is PRICELESS. I cannot wait to hear the liberals whine and complain for the next 4 years LOL! #MAGA
I love it. You pumped up Hillary all you could but it wasn't enough. Blame the DNC for forcing her down our throat.  Bernie polled double digits over Trump all day. But Bernie did not want to die from suicidal heart attack. They are not upset she's losing, they are upset that he's winning. All she wanted was the votes.  She doesn't care about Americans, just herself! Was she throwing a drunken fit in the back or was it really just way too late for her to be up?