Extreme KellyAnne Conway Fans

This is the smartest woman in politics today. First woman to lead a successful presidential election in the USA. Every detail of anything Trump's people say is analyzed and criticized, unlike when Obama was president and they ignored every stupid thing he said and did. Please ask President Trump’s supporters to step up, get into the streets, and do their part with pushing back the anti-American liberals and fighting back how they are destroying this country. The media needs to get a life! 

Kellyanne Conway tweets "love you" to a white nationalist, then claims it wasn't her"according to Huff Post. Immediately after that Kellyanne Conway got banned from Morning Joe, it became a viral social media network trend, and folks on social media felt like she's "not credible anymore!" Strange, she was the one who reported the Bowling Green Massacre! Morning Joe" can ban Kellyanne Conway, but most Americans already banned "Morning Joe" - have you seen their ratings? Mainstream outlets claim that: "We're not having Kellyanne Conway on to answer questions anymore." Same outlets: "Trump isn't calling on us."

At times I feel as if she attempts to spin and confabulate and divert because she seems to think that her audience is stupid. She has a patronizing tone which creates anger in others. Simply put, people are not standing for her B. S. She's busted. And this is not a little mistake. She is a fountain of misinformation at best, and at worst a treasonous liar who should be jailed.
On the other hand many women are jealous of Kellyanne. I have found that many women do not necesarily support successful women. That is one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton lost. The other reason Hillary lost is Kellyanne. Go girl! You and this administration are leaders and real breath of hope! America first! Stay the course Mrs Conway! Where is your double? I want to marry her since you're already taken! God bless you and America! Mrs Conway is now recognized as one of America's most brilliant political managers and the first woman to manage a winning Prez. campaign. She should lead a March not some publicity seeking malcontents.She's my HERO! She spoke out against the Dem/Liberal political attacks on Ivanka's brand! The Dem/Liberals are to blame for all the hate spewing they are doing!