"A Day Without A Woman" Social Media Jokes

#ADayWithoutAWoman Social Media Jokes
On today's historic day without a woman, let's take the time to be thankful it's another day without Hillary Clinton as President. Can you imagine a day without a real woman- there'd be no one around to make sandwiches. In honor of #NationalWomensDay I will be making myself my own sandwich and not almost get backed into by a woman driver. What a pain. Happy Women's Day! My favorite thing about beautiful, intelligent, independent women is when they make me a sandwich. Middle East countries are taking part in the protest. Wait, never mind. Women can't leave the house in some of those places

We honor the black women who worked tirelessly to enfranchise women of color in the voting process on International Womens Day. Some women are not participating they believe, you don't shatter glass ceilings by sitting at home. You shatter them by working. While others believe that many of our national organizers have been arrested in an act of civil disobedience. We will not be silent.
A Day Without A Woman Social Media Jokes 
Here is the bottom line: If a woman feels she is oppressed in some way, you don't get to tell her that she isn't. As seen in the photo. The image reveals an up close and personal gain from #womensmarch at Trump Towers in New York, sending a message not to resist. Photo Credit: Malkam Dior. The day where women celebrate their independence by wanting to stay home, and still get paid.

When Leftist women, who demand not to be judged by their sex, take to the streets to demand that we celebrate their sex. The point of is to skip work and hurt the people who provide you a salary and health insurance. To skip work to make a political statement and then complain about the "gender pay gap?" Twisted theories on this day without privileged women who aren't afraid of being fired for refusing to work when they aren't sick.