Hillary Clinton Defends Trump Syria Attack

Hillary Clinton Defends Trump Syria Attack
Hillary Clinton Defends Trump Syria Attack
Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham all publicly supporting the presidents actions in Syria tonight. I guess the argument for Trump being in Putin's pocket has been debunked. Now lets see what other fake story and narrative they can come up with. Just a couple of days ago Democrats were crying about what an awful tragedy this is. Now we strike at the airbase and all they can do is try to trivialize it with cries about he didn't go to Congress and lies about he called Putin to tell him to get his men out.

Russians were on the base too. ​​How can it be said at this point that Trump is a patsy for Putin? Trump in his first 100 days of his presidency, is doing more to challenge Russia than Barack Obama. The US did the right thing!  FYI: Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton bombed Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, & tried to effect regime in Syria. After Donald Trump took action against Syria it became a viral social media trend online.

Perhaps it does further strain our relationship with Russia, but that can't be an excuse to allow children to be murdered!  The Russians were sent a warning one hour ahead of time to minimize casualties as Russia also has troops in the region.

I'm going to put this in perspective for many of you. It's not about whether you like or agree with Trump. This is about what should happen when you launch an attack of chemical warfare on innocent women and children. Anyone who does this should be dealt with.
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Furthermore, unlike other presidents, he had the attack launched to and air base that would reduce, if not eliminate the possibility of collateral damage.

If the attack doesn't sit well with you, you may not have children of your own, you may have issues with seeing big pictures, or your biased point of views are hindering your common sense. We need to start giving as many f**ks about what Russia and its allies thinks, as they have given to the civilian people of Syria. Since the conflict began, it is estimated that 300,000 to 450,000 men, women and children have died and yet they have the audacity to talk about aggression, when the US destroys a military installation and gave warning that they would do so. This isn't double standards people, this is downright deplorable and immoral behavior and even though, I'm not a fan of Trump, I support his swift and decisive actions.