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 Donald J Trump $110B Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia 

President Trump is showing the World that he is a leader of action, while the Liberal MSM and Dems spend their days putting together false accusations and still trying to figure out why they lost the election. 

Barack Obama goes to Saudi Arabia, the king doesn't meet him at the airport, when he meets the king, he bows to him.

President Trump goes to Saudi Arabia, he's met by the king at the airport, he doesn't bow to the king and gets $110B arms deal.

Trump Iran Oil Sanctions -

"Iran's health system can't keep up and many are blaming President Donald Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign for the staggering prices and shortages. The sanctions have hurt ordinary Iranians, highly affecting prices of imported medicines, sending prices for everything from staples and consumer goods to housing skyward, while raising the specter of war with the U.S." (Credit CBSNews).

Melania, Ivanka and the women accompanying the Pres do not wear any headscarf.

Melania dresses in a modified black Ebaya and the two young Saudi girls who welcomed them didn't wear hijabs either, which is unprecedented. So tell me again who's the strong leader whose influence is empowering women?

"Khashoggi should not be the reason why we dely or cancel a BILLION dollar deal that will employ millions of people in America" - #MAGA

I hope he visits our troops in Iraq that are fighting for our freedom. Lord Jesus, we pray for your divine hand of protection over President Trump. There is a spiritual awakening occurring in America, and we know the enemy is desperate to steal, kill and destroy.

Protect our President - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Surround him with a heavenly host and anoint him for the battle. Let every weapon formed against him fall at his side.

Give him victory in the mighty Name of Jesus! Have a safe and successful trip Mr. President. God speed.

Now this is the respect a President deserves...you don't see him climbing out of the back of the tail of the Air Force One

President Trump is repairing failed relationships with the Mid East, with years of neglect, incompetent leadership and distrust behind us. President Trump is Making America Strong Again. The liberal talking points will be focused on make believe and accusations. President Trump will build a coalition of the future against terrorism and extremism.  We support you Mr. President! MAGA!!!