The Miseducation Of Trump's Budget Proposal

Alternative Budget Cuts Facts
Verbiage from the media is is not a *cut* when it is a *stop* to the automatic INCREASE of budget lines. Here's a look at President Trump's proposed budget by understanding where the cut is. It appears to go up every year -- an overview of what could get cut, and why it might not effect you at all: The government cannot "cut the budget" of wealthy people, because there is no budget. Wealthy people don't rely on government funding. Poor and middle class people rely on government funding, therefore we are the only ones who will feel the effect.

Thanks for such a great budget! Don't understand how you can say this budget is going to cut meals on wheels especially since in Ohio they charge for "meals on wheels". If libtards resist, ask how much in social security and Medicare they would cut otherwise. Cutting a budget means that there will be a reduction.

Trump Budget Proposal For Fiscal Year 2018
The media is misleading the general public. A cut in budget means increases will be lower and not that program is cut. It doesn't mean closing down agencies that the working class rely on. For example if you receive food stamps of $400 a month it's possible that after a budget cut you'll receive $350 a month instead. Which should still be enough funding to survive after budget a budget cuts.

Finally, blame the media aka "fakenews" for misleading their followers into thinking that the world is going to end because of a budget cut. Here's an example from the "Daily News headline stating " Trump administration budget plan would cut $238M from job training program serving low-income young adults". This is a completely false and misleading story. Trump's budget doesn't actually cut anything, it is a change in the amount of growth. It happens all of the time. Trump is not the first to do it.