Anthony Scaramucci Resigned For The Following Reasons

The Mooch Is Gone! 
Anthony Scaramucci was escorted from White House grounds after ouster, per source familiar with the scene.
Thank God for President Trump and Anthony Scaramucci!!!

While folks on social media seem think that a rash of people who were fired from the White House lately resigned in retrospect. Others on social felt as if the Mooch can't resign since he was never on payroll.

As a patriotic American Veteran, ( 3/7 Cavalry, Garry Owen, Schweinfurt Germany, 80-83)!! Us Veterans are so proud of Anthony Scaramucci and President Trump!! You have been a champion for us Veterans and 98% of us Veterans support Prez Trump!!! Scaramucci is a smooth operator and an amazing brilliant intelligent communications director.

Anthony, don't trust the hateful Traitors of journalists and reporters!! ( They will always record you, unethical but they are rats)!!!We appreciate your , ( In your face personality)!!

Anthony Scaramucci's contract state that he was hired for a limited time to eliminate leakers with the White House and the Trump Administration.

"Reince Priebus, chief of staff. For months, Priebus's future in the White House was the subject of speculation. Priebus was asked to resign in the process of using Sean Spicer, the press secretary who became a viral sensation, to quit in protest the day Scaramucci was named communications director. Due to the fact that in Spicer's contract it states that he could still be working at the White House, which is why he was offered to stay on until Aug. 15 to smooth the transition. With no word on his future."According to CNN

Keep up the great work as us Veterans appreciate the new laws you passed for us,

The choice 2 program for us to visit any medical facilities or hospital we wish, the 24 hour hotline to Whitehouse for complaints. Protection of whistleblower law. And your rebuilding of our military as failed prez Barry soetoro alias Hussein Obama had deliberately weakened our military!!!

Keep up the great work MAGA!