Snapchat vs. Malkam Dior

Snapchat Stole My Domain 
Snap, Inc. v. Malkam Dior
Claim Number: FA1707001741274
Complainant is Snap, Inc. (“Complainant”), represented by Peter E. Kidd of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, California, USA. Respondent is Malkam Dior (“Respondent”), New York, USA.

As the registered owner of, I received a threatening email to turn over all ownership of the domain name.  Attorneys who represent Snap. Inc made a decision on releasing my domain without my consent.

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After being contacted by the attorneys of Snap. Inc they asked, "what is your price how much are you asking for the domain name?" The original proposal was 4.6 million dollars assuming Snaps overall value on the stock market is close to a billion dollars. Any offer would have had the chance of being accepted.

The offer was rejected; still, an open counter offer was on the table, to name their price as any as in any marketplace, you allow the other party to make an offer.

That was the last time I heard from anyone representing Snap. Inc. A few months later I received an email stating that they are going to pursue some kind of infringement case. Out of nowhere Snap. Inc settled on their own without me being present, I was completely excluded out of everything.

A few months ago received a final decision that I was to hand over my domain to the attorneys of Snap.Inc because they all met in court among themselves and came to their own conclusion.

According to the court documents; the attorneys representing Snap, Inc stated "Respondent lacks rights and legitimate interests in the disputed domain name. Respondent is not commonly known by the disputed domain name. Further, Respondent failed to use <> in connection with a bona fide offer of goods or services or for a legitimate noncommercial or fair use. Instead, Respondent has offered to sell the <> domain name to Complainant for $4,600,000, well in excess of Respondent’s out-of-pocket expenses related to registering the domain name.

Respondent registered and uses <> in bad faith. Respondent has offered to sell the domain name to Complainant in excess of the out-of-pocket costs of registration. Respondent acted opportunistically in registering the disputed domain name shortly after Complainant released news relating to the domain name. Respondent had actual knowledge of Complainant’s rights in the SNAPCHAT mark".

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Snap. Inc assumed because they are a major corporation and I'm just a little entrepreneur that no one knows about, that they can step over, strong arm and muscle their way out of getting a domain without paying for it.

I'm heartbroken and disappointed that Snapchat Inc chose to not go through the proper channels of simply placing a bid on a domain that they're obviously interested in. They chose to use their fancy lawyers and strong arm the little man in an effort to get something for free, this is my story of how Snapchat stole my domain.