Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Millennial Social Networking Habits - Social Network Trends

Top 5 Millennial Social Networks Monitoring Your Habits - Social Network Trends.

Here's an interesting and true article about social network/technology habits. Sleeping = "network deprivation". Some people have a bad habit of not liking you but following you on every social network.

On Twitter I have a habit of retweeting interesting content (SEO for Millennials). A lot of it. That makes me dangerous in the eyes of entities who try to control the 'official narrative' govts, NATO, military complex.

On social media I continue to come across thought partners, school leaders, and authors who impact our thinking about personalizing learning habits of the mind.

GOOGLE; your interests, search, needs.

FACEBOOK; your social network, hobbies and habits.

TWITTER; your thoughts, comments, reactions.

WHATSAPP; your private life and chats.

LINKEDIN; your business environment.

A quote taken from Clearvoice reveals the millennials respond to social video content than any other content online.

"For sure, some great content that is more than a couple of minutes long pops up on news feeds, but if all things are even, it looks like the sweet spot for reaching millennials is between 30-60 seconds.

Another way to look at this might be to say that 9 out of every 10 millennials responded that the optimal length for a social video is two minutes or less."

Some days I wish there was a social network I could post things on that literally nobody but me can read. Current social network algorithms are not biased against political groups, they are biased toward our habits, newness, and fame.


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