National Intern Day - 5 Tips To Help Millennials Find Internship Opportunities (SocialNetworktrends)

Looking to try something new? Celebrate Interns Across America. Internships can be a great way for Millennials to expand your career horizons and work in different positions and industries. Here are some tips on how to rebrand yourself when making that career change:

Celebrate #NationalInternDay with Dunkin Donuts!

It is National Intern Day and we are the luckiest! Make your bosses take you to lunch. Social Network Trends is excited to support our 2018 Interns! We took the pledge to celebrate on July 26th!

Regardless of your experience level or field of interest, we provide content that can inspire & provide tips to help you reach the next step in your career. Whether you are trying to gain valuable work experience or hoping to turn your internship into a full time job, we compiled 5 tips to help you make the most of your summer internship.

  • Be observant and ask questions about appropriate behavior at the workplace. Different organizations have different rules and regulations regarding employee behavior and it is important that you learn about and conform
  • You should first start by identifying what your passion/values are and figuring out what roles align.
  • Start your preparation for internships now. While you have idle time on your hands, make sure you set aside some time to start planning for next summer.
  • Unpaid internships are unpaid because you get to make valuable workplace connections. just today i made the connection that I’m a fucking idiot for taking this job.  

  • Never be an intern and the only person at work with a truck. You will be designated house mover of the office. Don’t worry, your career won’t be over if you anonymously post the truth. Take it from your elders, there will always be another unpaid internship where people will treat you like crap and make you do endless coffee runs. Join us. We accept you.


    Today is completely filled up trainings, meetings, a webinar, lunch at one of our restaurants on property for National Intern Day. So hopefully time will fly and 4:00 will be here before I know it! Breaking into the industry is tough so it's good to get all the good advice you can. Today, I'm also breaking down the best ways to get an internship in the industry of your dreams. 

Just a tip for you all: if you're applying for jobs or internships / if you've already gotten one and are working, make sure you have a high quality photo of yourself in nice clothes.

The following article was published in CBSNEWS -

"It's now easier for businesses not to pay interns, so one company started a shaming campaign"

The article reveals that -  "The fear that unpaid internships "use" students is not unwarranted. Web forums abound with horror stories of interns being made to run personal errands, chauffeur their bosses or simply perform data entry or main processing for free.
"When I was in the Labor Department, there was a pizza parlor in Brooklyn that was looking for an unpaid intern," said Patricia Smith, who was a labor solicitor in the Obama administration. She's currently senior counsel at the National Employment Law project.
"That's an extreme example," she added. "The problem is, that's what you see--people taking [internships] down that path to extremism."
Beginning in 2011, a spate of lawsuits aimed at companies including Hearst, Condé Nast, NBCUniversal, Atlantic Records and Gawker Media prompted many of them to start paying their interns.
The Labor Department's laws on internships at the time consisted of a six-point checklist, including the requirement that the company derive no benefit from the intern's activities. But different courts interpreted the rules differently, leading to conflicting rulings". - (CBSNEWS). The quote supports the fact that an internship is a great way to gain some experience, looks great on your CV and help you be on your way to getting your dream job.
I am grateful to New York University for always providing us with the very best, high quality, top-notch interns! I encourage all companies to do remote internships like major corporations do. You find great talent, build a community and help a lot of people learn. If you need any tips, just reach out to me. So many kids get ahead because they can easily move to cities like LA and NY and be interns in Arts, Fashion etc. without any financial restrictions. Our summer intern, our top intern Samuel, is nothing short of fantastic!

National intern day is today!