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Pirro Says Whoopi Helped Make Book (No. 1) - After Judge Jeanine Pirro Triggers Whoopi Goldberg: BITCH 'You Are Suffering From Trump Derangement Syndrome!'

Whoopi was unhinged. She talked over Jeanine and wouldn’t let her finish a sentence. She flipped her mood instantly, which was crazy. One more reason to not watch that trash, they abuse their guests! They brought what they love to condemn onto their show as a circus act and Pirro performed on cue, providing a foil for Whoopie, who also has her own agenda. Bread and circuses. I am at a point now where I truly despise politics and what it does to people I wish we could put every politician in the world on an island and leave them there. Whoopi and most Liberals suffers TDS. Judge Jeannie was stating facts and Whoopi couldn’t handle the truth. But they really won't fire her. They will make her give an apology speech on the View where she will lie and say how sorry she is.

Instead of having a good debate, she kicked her off the show. You at least debate and respect other opinions. Jeanine Pirro to Whoopi Goldberg: "You suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Is TDS the syndrome that lets one see clearly, look at FACTS and analyze logically and know when someone is trying to gaslight you? Then I have it.

“I’m tired of people starting a conversation with, ‘Mexicans are liars and rapists.’” Whoopi Goldberg Checks Jeanine Pirro for Saying She Has ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ live on the View."

Some feel as if Whoopi had all right to defend herself, somebody had to tell that hate-monger Jeanine Pirro off! She spews hate everyday on Fox with authority! She deserved just what she got defending that other bigot in the WH!

While others may feel that Jeannie was being patient, wise, or clear! let her talk then when she started to respond, Whoopi became totally unhinged! It was so interesting & entertaining watching Judge Jeannie remain polite and civil while poor old Whoopi had an emotional meltdown. We saw it with our own eyes. Whoopi would not give Judge Jeannie a chance to speak. It was absolutely disgraceful and anti-American!

In a Tweet from People magazine Jeanine Pirro Says "Whoopi Goldberg Fight Helped Book Hit No. 1" Don't 'Feel Sorry for Me' 

When did Whoopi purchase the studio and TV show she threw Judge Jeannie out of? Really sad and Whoopi should be escorted out of our country! Wonder what Barbara would say? She screamed at her and talked over her and walked off her own show. Who feels sorry for her? For what, compromising her ethics-if she had any-debasing herself for man to whom no woman has value other than sexually.

Whoopi has proved her point. Who was spewing the hatred? Not Jeannie. Not only that but what she said wasn't even true. It's the left that is whipping up hate and violence. Whoopi is just another out of control, spoiled, whining Democrat who didn't get what she wanted in the election. Get over it.

Fire Whoopi Now (Petition) -

Currently there's a petition with over 100,000 signatures! (#FireWhoopiNow). BOOM: Petition to fire Whoopi crushes 50,000 goal; Reaches 100,000 signatures in just 3 DAYS- Ilovemyfreedom

The political website also goes on to saying that "When we started the petition, our initial goal was only 50,000 – but Conservatives had higher ambitions. They shared and shared and shared this petition across social media and now it has more than doubled our signature goal.
As on Sunday morning, the petition is at 100,000 signatures and our new goal is 150,000! Once we hit these larger goals, we’re going to print the signatures and send them to the front door of ABC studios in Burbank, CA." - [Click Here To SIGN THE PETITION]

Do you think Whoopi had any idea that The View ratings would go off the charts when she wiped the floor with witch Jeanine Pirro? Gotta hope she invites the whole lot of unhinged Trump people on her show--Donald, Hannity, Alex Jones, Fox & Friends, Sarah...hey, we've got a list!