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Apple unveiled its newest iPhones: iPhone Xs starting at $999 and iPhone Xs Max starting at $1,099. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone Xs!! 

I loved watching the Apple Event live!  - Which new iPhone are you looking forward to have?

The biggest tip is that the iPhone Xs holds 512GB or in my case: 200,000 Memes - 
What would you keep on your iPhone with half a terabyte of storage?!
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I just did my research on the new iPhone XS Max and I just can’t believe Apple thinks this is what people want. It’s literally a bigger iPhone X; and that price?! My photos better crawl out of my phone and come to life.

Lately, I've been feeling like after the announcement of new iPhones, I eagerly await the new software update that will further hinder my 6+ to the point it becomes a brick, and I will upgrade out of frustration.

After releasing a new iPhone, my battery went from 92% to 4% in an hour to celebrate. After knowing the prices that are released. I am already terrified of the next Mac release.

Does it like bluetooth music to my thoughts?! This year it's more expensive than last year because of that extra S.
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Blue tooth music to our thoughts...the damn thing should give us oral sex on command for that price. So the new xs is pretty much the same exact phone we already have. A 6.5" display with a 2985 mAh? Here are some facts about the Xs model according to CNBC.

IPHONE XS FACTS and TIPS - Everything You Need To Know. 

"The iPhone XS offers a new processor for faster performance, storage space up to 512 GB, improved display for better color representation and a new gold color. It'll offer 30 extra minutes of battery life, Schiller said.

The XS features an improved dual-camera system, with true-tone flash and new sensors with "bigger, deeper pixels" for better Portrait mode photos, Schiller said.

The front-facing camera is twice as fast and works with a dot projector to create depth in photography and enable FaceID, the facial recognition system used to unlock the phone.

The iPhone XS is water-resistant and comes with a 5.8-inch OLED screen — the same dimensions as last year's iPhone X — Apple's head of marketing, Phil Schiller, announced at the company's annual September product unveiling". CNBC
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I wonder if from now on all the phones will be known as X with increasingly random alphanumeric characters stuck on to signify random techs that others brands of phone already have?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a better display, more RAM, more functionalities, a PEN and a 4000 mAh - for the same price. Huawei flagships also pack 4000mAh - for less money. What happened to Apple being innovative? It’s almost 2020...I want foldable phones and air charging.

I spent $1099 on an iPhone Xs to take selfies I’ll never post and get left on read by my friends? Absolutely!

In conclusion, my prediction for Apple Event 2019 wil be discontinuing / retiring of iPhone 7 and removal of EarPods and usb wall charger from packaging.