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The lottery's mathematical incentive is now higher — thanks to Trump.

Only in the Trump Economy would we ever see a lottery jackpot this huge! 

Trump supporters call it the #MAGAMillions, because of Trump's thriving economy. 

Here are some things you might be able to afford after winning!

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I was buying tickets for the Mega Millions drawing tonight and my husband insists that we pick #45 on EVERY ticket for “the best president ever”.

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Hey Donald Trump you win at everything else so bring me a lil luck!!! 

"The Mega Millions winning numbers for the $1 billion jackpot 15, 23, 53, 65 and 70 with a Mega Ball of 7." According to CBS

Whoever wins the billion dollar jackpot should get a picture with Donald Trump titled "2 billionaires, 1 photo.
"The $1 billion jackpot has a one-time cash option of $565 million. Or if the winner chooses the annuity option, the jackpot would be paid out over 29 years. The cash option is usually favored by the winners.

At one of his ever so controversial Trump rallies our President stated, "President Trump: "I have created such an incredible economy, I have created so many jobs, I've made this country - with you - so great, that everybody wants to come in, so they're all pouring in or trying to." 
The jackpot keeps swelling because nobody has won since July 24, when 11 workers in a California office shared $543 million, the largest prize ever won on a single ticket in the game.
Wonder what’s the tax rate on that billion dollar lottery? Trump is in office...probably be about 5%.
There hasn't been a Powerball winner since Aug. 11, causing the jackpot to rise to $470 million. The next Powerball drawing will be Saturday." (CBS News)

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Where to play the Mega Millions?

According to 'Newsday' in Long Island -

"Mohamed Azam has noticed more than a few unfamiliar faces streaming into his North Valley Stream convenience store this week hoping lightning strikes twice.
Azam’s shop, Linden News and Convenience on Linden Boulevard, sold a winning $1 million Mega Millions ticket earlier this week.
With the Mega Millions jackpot reaching a record $1 billion for Friday night’s drawing, Azam said customers who heard about the shop are hoping history repeats itself."
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What to buy if you win the Mega Millions?

According to the good folks on Twitter
  • "With the Mega Millions jackpot, you could buy one presidential campaign. The Trump campaign raised $334.8 million for the 2016 election."
  • With the Mega Millions jackpot, you could make one Marvel movie at the quality and production value of “Black Panther”.
  • With the Mega Millions jackpot, you could buy 43 schools equivalent to Lebron James’ “I Promise.” 
  • With the Mega Millions jackpot, you could buy 661 Lamborghini Aventador SVJs.

No Mega Millions jackpot winners in California, but 1 ticket sold in Morgan Hill matched 5 of 6 numbers. We’re still waiting on results from other states. If no one wins the jackpot tonight, Tuesday’s jackpot is an estimated $1.6 BILLION!