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- Principal Removed -

A high school student (a Democrat's son) is forced by the principal to take off his “President Trump” jersey at a patriotic theme football game - Principal Fired; Your thoughts?

If there is a dress code that prohibits wearing political clothing and it’s enforced across the board no matter what political affiliation, I’m fine with it.

If there is a dress code and it’s not enforced equally, then it’s totally wrong and see needs to be fired!

Here's how it all started! 
In an article called:

'Boy Humiliated After School Orders Him to Remove Trump Jersey'

"A North Carolina teenager who wore a President Trump jersey to a high school football game was ordered to remove the jersey after other fans became offended, a school spokesperson told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. - According to a blog by Todd Starnes

- NC High School Student Forced To Take Off 'TRUMP' Jersey -
You can wear Obama crap all day long but no you cannot wear Trump.  He is our POTUS like it our not.
“One student wore a jersey with President Trump’s name on the back and the number 45. Others in attendance at the game were apparently unhappy with the student’s shirt and began creating a disruption,” a Harnett County Schools spokesperson said.

Where is his freedom of speech???? Is it only for liberals, it must of hurt the snowflakes feelings!!! This is getting way out of hand!!!!

Instead of asking the unruly football fans to leave the game, the principal of Harnett Central High School confronted the teenager wearing the Trump shirt" -

 A lawsuit needs to be filed, Principal fired as well as all involved and this school needs to be used as an example. This kid needs a team of attorneys to volunteer their services.

So, the student was actually asked by principal to remove his USA jersey that included the name of Donald Trump. This happened during a patriotic-themed football game. The teen obeyed but was humiliated and left.

- Principal Replaced After Making A Student Take Off His Trump Jersey At A Patriotic-Themed Football Game -

Why The Principal Got Fired? 

"A week after asking a student to remove a jersey that bore President Donald Trump’s name on the back, a North Carolina high school principal has been replaced. - According to USAToday

I wonder how the school board members think they can “make this right.” The kid was humiliated. You can’t put that genie back in the bottle. The principle should be required to stand in front of the crowd at the next football game and apologize.

"The district announced leadership changes at several of its schools, including Harnett Central, on Friday afternoon. The changes are “effective immediately,” according to the district news release. Catherine Jones moves from principal at Harnett Primary School (Dunn, N.C.) to Harnett Central High."

In conclusion it is definitely a violation of his 1st Amendment rights. I would have refused.

This kid should sue principal, the school board and the school district for violating his constItutional rights!

This should go to the Supreme Court! If we don't defend our rights, they will be taken from us!