NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW - Triggering Trypophobia On Social Network Trends

THE NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW - Triggering Trypophobia On Social Networks

- Image of Nokia 9 PureView -

A phone that triggers trypophobia?

Networks on social media touting the Nokia 9 Pureview a HMD's most high-end phone yet.

HMD Global is preparing a new Nokia phone with a total of 5 cameras on its back. So, you think 3 or 4 cameras on a phone is a bit excessive?

I heard Nokia's new $700 smartphone has an insane 5 cameras, blowing up the 2019 social network trends for 3 lenses.

A friend of my from The Verge once said that “I was able to try out the Nokia 9 PureView’s cameras in person, and even on a pre-production unit, the phone was already delivering some pretty impressive detail, despite the rather dreary lighting outside.”

I'm sure they said that about the Nokia Lumia 1020, but I bought it, and still use it to this day.  I'm beyond an upgrade, and iPhone ain't it. -  she went on to saying that, “We’ll have to wait for a final version of the software and hardware before we make any real judgements, but it’s not a bad start.”

- Nokia Pureview 5 Cameras "

Anyone else get grossed out by the view of these? I have a thing about holes and this just drives me insane. It’s called trypophobia and it’s a real thing.

What is Trypophobia?

 "Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps. It is not officially recognized as a mental disorder, but may fall under the broad category of specific phobia if fear is involved and the fear is excessive and distressing." Wikipedia
The quote supports the findings that, The NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW does Trigger Trypophobia, because of the multiple cameras.

You could have a phone with 20 cameras, it could fold 5 different ways, and have OLED screen technology. But unless it can transport me through time or sort my laundry, these changes are minute and not worth the money.


Five cameras, ok but what I'd like on my first 5G phone is one week battery life, transparent & scratch proof metal screen (instead of glass) and the ability to take landscape-mode 4K-quality videos and photos while holding the phone portrait-mode style.

But the Samsung fold still has more cameras in total back and front than the Nokia PureView does. I only wished a better battery and a screen that does not get cracked easily. Not a phone with 73 cameras, that causes phobias! Can any other smartphone do that?