Facebook Outage Caused Millions in Lost Ad Revenue - Social Network Trends

Facebook explains its worst outage as millions of dollars in ad revenue lost in unseen advertising and marketing ad campaigns. 

Users of Social Network Trends have posted edited footage of the Christ church stream onto Facebook even after NZ Police said it had no place in the public sphere. Not only are they profiting off terrorism they are proliferating its message. 

Facebook Inc's chief product officer and one of its earliest employees Chris Cox, said he is leaving the company just days after Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg revealed a plan to transform the world's biggest social network trends into an encryption-focused.

"The social network, along with Facebook-owned Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, suffered the worst outage in its 15-year history, leaving billions of users unable to post, comment, like, message, troll, or whatever it is they like to get up to on the various services." - (Digital Trends)

Is Facebook down? Huge Facebook and Instagram outage CONFIRMED 
Social Media is here to stay and slay! But Facebook might not be around pretty soon.

With 86% of American brands using Facebook for advertising, it’s no doubt that social media is changing the marketing game. With more brands seeing positive results, getting social is a must-have marketing strategy. The current outage could be a great reason why Facebook experience Millions of Lost Ad Revenue.

Why is FB not working?

Amid criticism for its lack of communication during the outage (it only posted two short tweets), the company finally got around to offering an explanation on Thursday. 
No, it wasn’t a cyber attack as some had suggested, but instead “a server configuration change.” That sounds like tech speak for a screw-up in the I.T. department.

This was a multi-lingual thread warning that the New Zealand mosque shooting livestream video is spreading on social media like Twitter, Facebook and even Discord. Please turn off video autoplay for your social media and stay safe.

In the tweet, Facebook said it had “resolved the issues and our systems are recovering,” adding, “We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.”

- Facebook Tweeted a Response to the MASSIVE Outage -

Users may be happy with that response, but the myriad of advertisers that rely on Facebook to communicate their messages and run their ad campaigns may well demand more answers after losing valuable exposure time across the company’s various platforms.

How do you report a problem to Facebook?

In conclusion, we have spoken with Google, Twitter and Facebook and urged them to remove the video of the New Zealand attacks. If you see it, report it so they can take it down.

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