Facebook Latest Purge - Political Personalities Deplatformed - Social Network Trends

It is the dark side of Facebook - fake accounts for fake news and scammers. Now the social media giant says it's cracking down.


Seems that many other people were de-platformed too, who didn't break the rules.

This is really not good.

Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Milo Yianappolous just unpersoned by Facebook in latest purge.  Labeled "dangerous individuals."  Banned for life.  This censorship is beyond anti-American.  It's truly Orwellian.  Everyone should speak out against this.

Not the kind of thing people should support nor celebrate in a supposedly 'free' society.

I'm just here to see people confuse the 1st Amendment with using a privately-owned company's social media platform.

Why was 'Prison Planet' banned from Facebook and Instagram if he didn't violate their terms of service?

This should concern everybody regardless of your political leanings. De-platforming everybody who doesn't 'tow the party line' is a dangerous precedent.


According to Reuters Top News - "Facebook bans Alex Jones and other controversial U.S. political personalities for violating the social media company’s policies on 'dangerous individuals and organizations'
We must think outside the "Box" of SM. Web traffic is concentrated in the SM bubble, 90% something...design, create and deploy a web tool or app that is different from SM, another structure, reroute this web traffic to everybody instead of SM giants...IT guys know this...
Nothing of value was lost. Freedom of speech isn't freedom from consequences. Everyone knows the key to changing the minds of others and promoting intelligent debate is to... nah, just block people with whom I disagree because I’m already intelligent enough to not even need to engage in any form of debate.


Facebook Policies -

Facebook: "We're not responsible for content published on our platform."
According to Facebook Policies - "Content-Related Requests ... content that might not be considered hate speech may still be removed for violating our bullying policies."
Also Facebook: "Let's ban all content which doesn't match our ideology."

Basically, Facebook is for posting kids, pets, and vacation snaps. Why put politics in? And posting ISIS pets suicide bombers is just OK.

Why would I need to do that when I can just quickly and haphazardly label people something ending in -ist and/or -phobe while giving myself a nice pat on the back for all the brainpower it took me to do that. Wonderful.

Conclusion -

What about the misleading targeted ads spreading conspiracy theories and lies ? Those are more insidious. Users can’t just block those, Facebook.  Any progress on that? it's important to challenge and question rather than just ban outright. debate is important and we should never lose sight of that.