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After Twitter exploded comparing Popeyes' new sandwich to Chick-fil-A's, known for its chicken sandwiches, we put southerners to the true taste-test. 

Did you cheat on your diet to try the Popeyes chicken sandwich? 10/10 worth it, however the chicken sandwich hype beasts are ruining everything! Soon you'll see a commercial in 20 years saying,"if you ate a Popeyes chicken sandwich in 2019 you are at risk for mesothelioma"

A new chicken sandwich sweeping the nation is an example of what America needs now. Everyone agrees on delicious but we still stay friends based on flavor differences. The franchise brings joy. I have tried it and I love seeing this in my feed instead of divisiveness.
"It's now gotten to the point where many Popeyes locations are having to put up signs to let people know they have actually sold out of chicken" - Buzzfeed

The Popeyes sandwich been out since the middle summer....where is this overwhelming amount of hype for it coming from? I’ve had it three times already. Sorry for my language but nobody I mean nobody is fucking with that chicken sandwich. They took Popeyes off uber eats them drivers was tired of getting beat up over a sandwich.

"Popeyes is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana and headquartered in Miami, Florida". Wikipedia

Eight chicken sandwich makers entered, four clucked away with a victory and spot in the second round of USA TODAY's Chicken Sandwich Bracket.


This Popeyes chicken sandwich craze business smacks of a guerrilla marketing campaign—“shortages”, “out of buns”, etc? Nah, they know what they’re doing and it’s brilliant.
How are we supposed to pick a better chicken sandwich when one place doesn't have it and doesn't care?

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Fight Video -

In honor of the fierce competition online between fast food chains over who boasts the best chicken sandwich, we created the bracket so readers could vote on Twitter for who should rule the roost.

In round one, the top seed Chick-fil-A easily took down Burger King in its match-up over best chicken sandwich, capturing 91% of the vote. Popeyes, whose latest chicken sandwich first ruffled all our feathers, has reason to cluck after taking 86% of the vote over McDonald's.

Third-seeded Wendy's captured nearly three-fourths of the vote in defeating Shake Shack, while KFC overcame Bojangles in our closest vote of the round: 60% to 40%.

Rappers are trying to cash in from the chicken craze as well.

According to HotNewHipHop "Quavo is quite the opportunist"- Quavo's answer to Popeye's and Chick-fil-A's growing hostilities was to stockpile their products for fear of a food shortage. Surely, there's enough chicken sandwich to go around, but don't tell that to the founding Migos member, whose latest sales plan is to sell Popeye's out of his trunk at an inflationary rate of $1000 a pop.

"Popeyes and Chick-fil-A were in a Twitter spat Monday over their chicken sandwiches. Popeyes gained more followers than Chick-fil-A, but new followers might not translate into purchases. Chick-fil-A is the largest chicken chain in the U.S. by sales, beating out Popeyes." - CNBC

After work we all went to Popeyes to get a spicy chicken sandwich and I’ve never seen so many people angry about waiting for some food. From what we know, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is not in Canada yet. After we finally got our food, is tastes like everything it's cracked up to be. The only difference between regular and spicy is mayo vs. creole spread. the chicken itself is not breaded spicier. (still plenty spicy).