iPhone Upgrade - How To Upgrade Your Current iPhone (Social Network Trends)

I’m already part of the iPhone Upgrade Program. How do I upgrade my current iPhone? (Socialnetworktrends)

Okay new iPhones just released, so can we upgrade to the IPhone XS Max and get it at a cheaper cost?

Here's What You Need To Know.

Start by checking your upgrade status to see if you’re eligible for a new iPhone. If you are, you can either proceed with your upgrade online or visit an Apple Store and chat with a Specialist. 

Here's How To Upgrade -

You can upgrade anytime after six months, as long as you’ve made the equivalent of at least 12 payments. If you have to pay an additional amount to meet your 12 payments, you can do it when you upgrade.

You can Sign in with Apple ID or, if you prefer, use your iPhone serial number and IMEI to look up your eligibility.

Upgrade to your favorite iPhone. Year after year.

As a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program, you can get a new iPhone once you’ve made the equivalent of at least 12 payments.1 And you’ll get your choice of AppleCare+ coverage, too.