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The plan to get Starbucks employees back to work - SocialNetworkTrends 

In a letter to employees on Thursday, CEO Kevin Johnson said the company will transition to a new phase of operations in the U.S.,"best described as 'monitor and adapt,' based on experience in China during COVID-19."

CEO Kevin Johnson told employees in an open letter that the initiative means "every community will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation "and decide when to fully reopen their cafes depending on local conditions.
Johnson acknowledged the decision is a "human one," based on complex and ever-shifting information. But field leaders will assess the situation in their areas based on four main factors: "the local status of the public health crisis, guidance from health and government officials, community sentiment and store operational readiness."
Starbucks started reopening stores in China based on these kinds of factors, Johnson said.

The image above shows a Starbucks employee wears a mask at the drive thru window in Miami, during the Covid-19 outbreak, April 7, 2020. - SocialNetworkTrends 

A Starbucks employee wears a mask at the drive thru window in Miami, during the Covid-19 outbreak, April 7, Michele Eve Sandberg/REX via Shutterstock
Beginning May 4, Starbucks will reopen "as many stores as we can with modified operations and best in class safety measures, and intend for any partner who is healthy and well to come back to work."

The coffee chain will extend "service pay" through the end of May, which gives an additional $3 per hour to healthy employees who choose to work. The company will also extend "catastrophe pay" for employees who have been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19, so they can stay home in quarantine.

"To ensure partners are paid for their average baseline hours, we will make catastrophe pay available to help close the gap between hours worked on service pay and average baseline hours through May 31," Williams said.

Catastrophe pay will also be provided to employees "navigating childcare challenges" until the end of May.
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