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Keanu Reeves brought seriously wholesome vibes to Comic-Con@Home - 

Fans were treated to a double dose of Keanu during Comic-Con@Home on Saturday. The actor first celebrated Constantine's 15-year anniversary in a virtual reunion produced by Collider before joining Kevin Smith, Alex Winter, Samara Weaving and more in a panel for Bill & Ted Face the Music! 

Keanu Reeves, Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman reunited to talk all things Constantine

Here’s the video -

Watching this Constantine’ panel from ComicConAtHome’, Steve asks Keanu Reeves, basically, "why are you so modest and awesome?" And Reeves is visibly uncomfortable...because he's modest, so he doesn't have the capacity to fully accept the question's premise.


He's so wonderful. We’ve seen everything he's ever done, and he's always so wonderful to crew of every movie. He's a good egg.

We heard/saw him cough during the BILL/TED comic con so please please bubble wrap that Canadian treasure. He couldn’t stop giving shout-outs to the cast and crew!

The movie was filmed as a PG-13 movie, but was ultimately rated R for tone and an "overwhelming sense of dread."


Constantine memorabolia! Keeping the holy shotgun and Keanu celebrating - (SocialNetworkTrends)

Our conclusion, the more we find out about Keanu, the more we’d love to just seriously hang out and chill with him just once. He seems like the kinda person you could just instantly click with.