It’s The $99 For Us! Apple Debuts HomePod Mini Smart Speaker - SocialNetworkTrends

Introducing the Apple HomePod Mini — the new wireless speaker that comes two years after the launch of Apple's now - $299 HomePod. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a video filmed at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s campus that it is releasing a new smart speaker called the HomePod Mini. 
It’s the first product announcement today. It’s significantly smaller than the current $299 HomePod and uses an Apple Watch chip to run Siri and audio processing. 
The speaker can recognize different voices from different members of a household and is integrated with Apple Home smart home automation.

Another new feature is called Intercom, which allows HomePods in different rooms to act like an intercom and send quick voice messages to other HomePods or iPhones.

Apple says it works with Apple Music, and several other services like Pandora, but did not mention Spotify, which has accused Apple of anticompetitive behavior. “We want to bring this experience to even more people,” Cook said. It costs $99.

What You Should Know About The New HomePod Mini - SocialNetworkTrends 

  • Much smaller
  • S5 chip for “Computational audio”
  • U1 Ultra wideband chip
  • Cost $99

We’re … gonna have to hear it to be believers. Still no Spotify. And we called the first HomePod the “Dumbest Smart Speaker” thanks to Siri. 

The new device comes in a new spherical shape and a lower $99 price point. The new HomePod Mini is loaded with Siri integrations, and Apple claims the power of “computational audio” will give it a boost in the audio front.

HomePod Mini will cost $99 and comes in two colors.

It has a new service called "Intercom," that lets you send messages from one lil' pod to another so you never have to yell at the top of your lungs to harangue your family members again!!